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Derek’s Iconic Olympic Moment Reaches 100 Million Views

Derek’s Iconic Olympic Moment Reaches 100 Million Views

During the lead up to the Rio Olympics homage was paid to Derek Redmond’s memorable performance in the 400m at the Olympics in Barcelona 24 years ago with the video footage posted online.

Just a week after it was posted on Facebook’s Olympic Page Derek’s determination never to give up had been viewed a staggering number of times – a number which continued to grow!

And now as the curtain has drawn on the 2016 Olympics the video has been watched a whopping 100 million times around the globe!

The video relays the moment which has gone down in Olympic History – where it will certainly remain for a lifetime.

In the 1992 games Derek was looking good in the 400m. He left the blocks confidently and at 250m was making good headway but then disaster struck – his hamstring snapped leaving him doubled over in pain, but determined to finish, Derek got back up and began to limp his way to the finish line watching on in agony as his competitors completed the race.

Soon, his father Jim came on to the track to help his son, defying track officials and walking with him all the way to the end. This incredible moment has since been acknowledged around the world as an example of how the human spirit can triumph over adversity, with USA President Barack Obama going out of his way to praise Derek’s determination and bravery.

Derek is astounded by the response to the video and is excited to see just how many more views the video can get.

The video has truly inspired the world throughout this year’s Olympics and will continue to do so for many years to come. The video can be viewed here:

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