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Derek Appears on BBC Radio 5Live’s Danny Baker Show

Derek Appears on BBC Radio 5Live’s Danny Baker Show

Derek took to the airwaves on the morning of Saturday 16th May to make a special guest appearance on BBC Radio 5Live’s The Danny Baker Show and take part in the legendary ‘Sausage Sandwich Game’. For the uninitiated, the game requires members of the public to answer questions to which only the guest knows the answers and culminates with the seminal issue of whether they prefer ketchup or HP on their sarnie.

The well-known comedian and broadcaster, Danny Baker, has been a mainstay of BBC Radio for over two decades and has presented his Saturday morning show for a number of years. Danny was quick to pick up on Derek’s relentless pursuit of sporting achievement, pointing out to listeners his recent successes as a kick-boxer, and talked about the career he has forged as a motivational speaker in recent years.

As a result of Baker’s off-the-wall quiz questions, we learnt that Derek was indeed the only ‘Derek’ at both his primary and secondary schools and that, given the choice of Cluedo characters, he would opt to play as the studious Professor Plum ahead of arguably more glamorous figures like Miss Scarlett.

But still, after the two opening rounds the biggest question of all remained unanswered. During the tense final moments of the game and, with the scores tied and the contest seemingly in deadlock, Derek finally revealed that he has a slight preference for brown sauce over red when it comes to garnishing his sausage sandwiches.

This simple truth meant the contestant representing Reading FC was vanquished and the gentlemen playing on behalf of Wokingham and Emmbrook FC was triumphant, his prize the simple satisfaction of having correctly predicted Derek’s favoured condiment. It’s all about fine margins at the top level!

Derek was as natural and as light-hearted throughout as one would expect and Danny Baker was audibly a little in awe of Derek’s sporting CV.

To listen to the segment in full, just follow the link and fast forward to the 25 minute mark.