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Derek attends I, Superbiker preview in London

Derek attends I, Superbiker preview in London

SPLITLATH Redmond’s Derek Redmond has given a big thumbs-up to the new MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship film I, Superbiker 2 – The Showdown.

Redmond was among the guests invited to an exclusive preview screening  in London this week, and enjoyed the film for the first time alongside the likes of 2011 champ Tommy Hill, Swan Yamaha team boss Shaun Muir, bike-loving adventurer Charlie Boorman and 2012 Olympic high jump hopeful Ben Challenger. 

 “The film was absolutely fantastic,” said Redmond afterwards. “I want a copy of it now to show everybody I know just how amazing this sport is.

“I honestly believe that if you show that to someone who has never seen a bike race in their life that they’ll come away a fan at the end of it.”

I, Superbiker 2 – The Showdown will play at cinemas nationwide on February 21 and March 1 and follows last year’s successful I, Superbiker movie.

As the title suggests, this one focuses on the Showdown, profiling the six riders who were in the fight to lift the silverware and gives a unique insight into their lives both on and off the track.

“The build-up to the final round was really good,” he added. “I think all the way through you’re waiting for that last race and even though you’ve seen it and you know exactly what is going to happen you can’t help but get a bit lost in it.

“The film really captures the drama of the whole thing and while you’re sharing Tommy’s joy at the end, you can’t help but really feel for Hopper. It was brilliant, I really enjoyed it and would urge everyone to go and see it when it arrives in cinemas next month.”

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