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Derek Redmond in a spin at the Honda Ron Haslam Race School

Derek Redmond in a spin at the Honda Ron Haslam Race School

HE’S no stranger to fast motorcycles – but Derek Redmond got more than he bargained for when he was invited to a media event at the Honda Ron Haslam Race School.

Derek, who is the co-owner of the Splitlath Redmond international road racing team, joined a host of celebrities and racing stars at the event at Donington Park last week.

After being put through his paces with three sessions on track with one of the school’s instructors, Redmond was pleased to come away with an overall score of 87.5 out of 100.

But then it was time to hit the track once more, this time on a four-lap pillion ride with Ron Haslam himself.

“I don’t mind saying I was terrified,” laughed Redmond. “I thought I was going to have an accident in my leathers!

“I can’t even begin to describe the speed and how late the man was braking into the corners. I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life.

“When I came in afterwards there was a bit of a crowd gathered – I think they were there just to laugh at me – and someone asked how I felt. My response was ‘if that hadn’t been the legend that is Ron Haslam, I’d have punched him!’

“The pillion ride was the icing on the cake after a great day. The instructor helped me work on my lines and I was quite impressed with my score. I didn’t do too badly for an old fella.”

Redmond was joined by other celebs at the event including Danny John Jules of Red Dwarf, Keith Flint, Kevin Fletcher from Emmerdale and Oliver Mellor of Coronation Street.

*To learn more about the Honda Ron Haslam Race School visit the website here or call: (01332) 883 313.