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Redmond back home after a busy fortnight at the Isle of Man TT

Redmond back home after a busy fortnight at the Isle of Man TT

DEREK Redmond has returned home from a busy fortnight at the Isle of Man TT with his motorcycle racing team.

As co-owner of the Splitlath Redmond international road racing team, Redmond had his hands full as the squad ran two riders at the world’s most famous motorcycle race.

Derek was hands-on for TT fortnight, seen here at work in the pits

The team made history by fielding rider Wai On Cheung, the first Chinese rider to ever complete the TT, who was joined once again by the team’s regular road racing star, California’s Mark Miller.

Wai On – better known by his nickname On Jai, had a difficult debut in first practice when his bike wouldn’t start. Despite the team’s best efforts they were unable to get the machine moving and he was forced to miss the session

The next day rain fell, forcing organisers to abandon second practice and by now he was desperate to get out.

“He made it out on Day Three and while it was a shock to the system for him he absolutely loved it,” explained Derek. “He was so keen to get back out, and over the course of practice week his times picked up steadily.

“He managed to qualify for the four-lap Superstock race but started somewhere like 71st. He got a steady first lap in and picked it up a bit for the second.

“Unfortunately he had some issues during the put stop so it took a bit longer than we’d have all hoped but he got back out there and to our relief he brought the bike home in 50th spot, becoming the first Chinese rider to ever complete the TT.”

Another day, another TV interview for Derek Redmond

On Jai was joined by his dad for the duration of the gruelling fortnight, who quickly became a part of the pit crew.

The team’s veteran rider Mark Miller returned to Redmond’s squad for the third successive year, once again putting in a solid performance

After a steady start in the first Superbike race, he retired from the Superstock race but was back in action for the big event of the event, the Senior. He crossed the line 37th.

When he wasn’t busy getting his hands dirty working with the bikes, Redmond was also kept out of trouble with some TV work, which included a profile interview on ITV4’s big evening TT show.

“It was a busy two weeks but it was great fun as always,” added Redmond. “We love the TT, it’s a magical event on a crazy island for two weeks of each year and to be part of it is incredible.

“The results may not have been what we’d hoped for but we’ve learnt a lot more and it makes us even more determined than ever to continue and improve in the future.”