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Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

With a great background in reaching and maintaining peak performance and with the unique perspective his 1992 Olympic injury experience gave him, Derek Redmond is a truly inspirational figure able to use his own story to demonstrate successful strategies and techniques teams and individuals can use to boost their organisation’s effectiveness.

Derek is both an articulate and engaging personality who shares his experience of facing down extreme difficulty by keeping a clear sight of his goals and taking destiny into his own hands. Having been written off as an athlete, he held on to his self-belief and plotted a fresh course towards a whole new set of objectives. He explains precisely how he then reached those objectives. 

His outstanding communication skills captivate his audiences, yet his greatest talent as a motivational speaker is the ability to show people how the qualities and attributes he harnessed to help him enjoy such a long sporting career can equally be applied in the business world.

Derek has 17 years’ experience as a motivational speaker and has a built a sterling reputation as an enlightening and charismatic addition to any corporate event or industry conference. He always takes time to research his audiences and then carefully tailors his message and delivery to the most specific requirements.

Your company’s motivational baton is in safe hands with Derek Redmond!

Derek's official speaking topics are listed below.

Diversity & Inclusion – As a prominent Black athlete, Derek Redmond experienced significant racism throughout his career. At events, he shares his powerful story to educate audiences, teaching them the importance of inclusive, accepting workplaces. Diversity has the potential to spark innovation and nurture high-performance teamwork, reflecting the importance of Derek’s speaking topic. 

Dealing with Change – In the world of sport, change can come thick and fast. One second you are the World Champion, the next your title has been taken and you are faced with another uphill battle to the top. Derek Redmond uses this experience of change management to impart such valuable life lessons at events. Attendees come away motivated to raise the bar in their own lives. 

Resilience – From goalsetting to dealing with failure, Derek Redmond’s speaking topics include a wealth of strategies for mental resilience. Having stared failure in the face at the 1992 Olympic Games, when Derek suffered a career-ending injury, he learned the importance of adaption and self-motivation. At events, audiences learn how Derek transitioned from sport to business, thanks to his mental resilience.  

High-Performance Teams – Derek Redmond’s knowledge of high-performance teamwork stems from his 1991 victory over the formidable American team, at the World Championships. The British team’s performance reflected Derek’s communication skills, a key factor of his speaking topic. At events, he uses this story to inspire unity in workplace teams, improving performance and wellbeing.  

Motivation & Inspiration – Derek Redmond believes that sport is a business, and business is a sport. They are intrinsically linked, so the skills of one can be translated to the other. As an athlete turned businessman, Derek uses his knowledge of maximising success to benefit corporate audiences, teaching them the secrets of ‘going for gold’. 

*all of the above speaking topics can be tailored to suit the clients' needs and can be accompanied with bespoke presentations if booked in advance.